Privacy policy

The website rentomato.com is owned by Rentomato B.V.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how Rentomato B.V. uses personal information we collect and how you can limit our use of that personal data.

What data do we collect from users?

We collect your data to optimize our service provided to you. In order to implement the agreement between us and our users as well as possible, we collect the following data from our users:
1.1. Data you provide us with when filling out a registration form to create an account on rentomato.com
1.2. When you use our mobile applications we may receive, store and process different types of information about your location. If you access the platform through a mobile device and you do not wish to provide us with location-tracking information, you can disable the GPS or other location-tracking functions on your device.
1.3. We may also receive, store and process log data, which is information that is automatically recorder by our servers whenever you access or use the platform, whether you are registered with Rentomato or logged in to your account or not. This includes your IP address, the date and time of your access to or use of the platform, the hardware and software you are using, referring and exit pages and URLs, the number of clicks, pages viewed and the order of those pages, and the amount of time spent on particular pages.
1.4. Information gathered through cookies. We make use of cookies and other similar technologies on the platform. For more on this see the cookie policy below.
1.5. Third party social plugins. We may use third party social plugins such as the Facebook ‘like’ button on our platform. This may mean that the third party company can see what information you are viewing on our platform. If you are logged into your account with the third-party company, then the third party may be able to link information about your visit to our Platform to your account with them. The third party may also record your interactions with the social plugin. We refer you to the third party’s privacy policy for more about its data practices.


How do we process users’ personal data?

At Rentomato we value your online security very much. We therefore work continuously to protect the data you provide us with through your account, and we do our best every day to make sure that our users have a secure experience. Rentomato processes users’ data in accordance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act and all European Laws regarding Data Security.
We send all data over an encrypted connection from your browser to our server (HTTPS). You can verify this by checking that the lock icon is shown in the browser address bar. Furthermore, we strive to always use the latest available security information to secure our servers, application and other services to ensure our users’ data is safe.Should you, however, think you have discovered a potential security issue that affects yours and other users’ privacy, please notify us of this by sending an email to our support team or our tech team.



All financial transactions between tenants and landlords are handled by our payment partner, MultiSafePay, which is supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank (The Dutch Central Bank) as a payment service provider and complies with all the requirements under the European Commission’s Payment Services Directive. From our payment partner the payments are transferred to our Foundation for third party funds, which in turn transfers the payments to the landlords.


When do we contact you?

We will contact tenants for the payment of the rent. We may send 2 to 3 notifications per month, starting 10 days before their rent is due, then we may send another one 4 days before the rent is due and one last notification on the day that your rent is due. In case you fail to pay your rent on time you may receive follow-up notifications, the number of notifications will depend on the number of days you are in default. For payments via direct debit you will receive less notifications.
We notify landlords when payments are due, when payments are late and when they are entitled to collect a fine or when they can start advertising their property in case of an eviction.
The number of notifications can be adjusted through your account on the platform.


Do we share user data?

We may disclose your data to third parties, but will in no event do so without prior authorization by you or in breach of the provision below named “permitted disclosures”. Rentomato will not be liable for any use or misuse of personal information by any third party with whom users’ information has been shared in accordance with these terms.
Web Tracking Information: We may disclose Web Tracking Information to Contractors in order to analyze the performance of the Website and the behavior of users, and to operate and improve the Website.
Aggregate Information: We may disclose aggregate information which does not contain Personal Information to third parties, such as potential customers, business partners, advertisers, and funding sources, so we can better describe our business and operations.
Permitted Disclosures: Rentomato reserves the right to disclose any information that we collect in connection with the website to any successor to Rentomato’s business as a result of a merger, acquisition or a similar transaction, without any further notice to you. Furthermore Rentomato reserves the right to disclose this information to any law enforcement or regulatory authority to the extent required by law or if, in Rentomato's reasonable discretion, disclosure is necessary to investigate fraud or any threat to the safety of any individual, to protect Rentomato’s legal rights or to protect the rights of third parties.
Third Party Ad Servers: We may allow third party ad servers or ad networks, to post advertisement on the Rentomato website. These third party advertisers use technology to send, directly to your browser, the advertisements and links that appear on the Website. When this happens, they automatically receive your IP address. These advertisers may also post ads to you on other websites based on information they collect from you while you are using the service available through the website.


Use of data for marketing purposes.

We may want to use our users’ personal information for marketing purposes, for example sending them promotional emails. We hereby draw your attention to your right to refuse the use of your personal data for marketing purposes. You can opt-out of the direct marketing by unsubscribing from our newsletters. Please note that by unsubscribing from our newsletters, you are not also unsubscribing from receiving the notifications mentioned in point 4 above.


Accessing, updating or deleting your personal information.

You can access, review, update, correct and/or delete your personal information from the website by using the profile editing tools, or by contacting us. Rentomato reserves the right to verify your identity in order to provide such access. After you remove your information from your profile or delete your account, copies of that information may remain viewable elsewhere insofar as it has been shared with others. Your name will, however, no longer be associated with that information on the website. We may keep certain information to prevent identity theft and other misconduct if your deletion has been requested. Removed and deleted information may be kept in backup copies, which will not be available to others.


Rentomato uses cookies for basic website functionality, for example to remember that you are logged in if you do so (sessions). We furthermore make use of cookies in combination with third party analytics services (such as Google Analytics) for a better understanding of our customers’ use of the platform so as to improve the platform based on this. We do not use this data for advertising and we do not share it with any other companies.


About our cookies

We use cookies to enhance the user experience by making the platform as interesting, simple and useful to our users as possible. We furthermore use our cookies to make sure that our website works optimally and to prevent us from showing you information that you have already seen before. We take steps to ensure that our use of cookies is safe.


Rentomato makes use of the following cookies:

We collect your data to optimize our service provided to you. In order to implement the agreement between us and our users as well as possible, we collect the following data from our users:
2.1. Functional cookies: Cookies that make sure our website works properly.
2.2. Analytics: Cookies that enable us to measure the usage of our website.
2.3. Social media: Cookies used to share the website’s content on social media or any related website.
2.4. Recommendations: Cookies used to make more directed recommendations for you as a user.
2.5. Tracking cookies: Cookies that track individual surfing habits and create profiles, for example, to enable targeted ads.
2.6. Other: Other cookies that cannot be placed in any of the categories mentioned above.


The website rentomato.com
Aggregated information: information about all of our users or specific groups or categories of users that we combine together and which does not include the users’ personal information.
Personal information: information relating to a living individual who is or can be identified either from that information or from that information in conjunction with other information that is in, or is likely to come into, the possession of the Data Controller.
Data controller: the company responsible for the use of and processing of personal information. (In this case, Rentomato.)
Cookie: A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. For more about the use of cookies, check out www.cookiecentral.com.

By using the Rentomato website you agree to the use of abovementioned cookies in accordance with this cookie policy. If you do not agree to this policy, we advise you to set your browser settings in a way that blocks the cookies, or to refrain from using the website. Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. To do this look at the “help” menu on your browser.
We do however note that by disabling the cookies you may impact your experience using the Rentomato platform.