All-in-one DASHBOARD

Complete Overview

Understand your properties at the blink of an eye through a powerful dashboard. You’ll receive a concise, clear overview of what’s happening.


Track your income, expenses, remaining rent and rent paid with efficiency. All the most important financial data is presented to you as soon as you log in.


Seamlessly move your focus across each aspect of your rental properties by using the navigation menu. It’s fast and intuitive, so getting started is easy.


Never lose a penny because of a vacant property. When you need tenants, we’ll list your properties for you across all major listing websites and social media. Then, keep track of your tenants through rentomato and message them at your convenience. See when tenants move in and out and plan ahead.

Finding and managing tenants should be hassle-free.


You can generate invoices and keep track of payments through rentomato. Invoices and payments are sorted by property and tenants, keeping you organized. If you’d like, you can even automate rent collection so you don’t have to double-check your bank account. If a tenant isn’t paying, that can be handled for you as well.

rentomato keeps you on top of your finances.


Storing your documents digitally and securely on rentomato means less paper-shuffling for you. Never lose an important file, keep contracts safe, and share them with the right tenants. And keep your work desk clean!

Linking your documents with your tenants lets you spend time on more important matters.


We’re constantly improving rentomato so that the entire rental process is made easier for you. Here’s what we’re working on for you:


Soon you’ll be able to digitally create, customize, and send contracts to tenants. Sign them legally online with personal signatures.


Put your mind at ease with tenant checks before committing to them! We’ll make sure you work with the right tenants.

Events & Planning

Coordinate with your tenants by planning events and tasks with them in one go, saving you time and effort.